Fest Mag – Review: Fringe Wives Club: Glittergrass ★★★★

Another smash for the Fringe Wives as two new members join the club

By Letti K-Ewing
Original Post at Fest Mag

An ode to “wild women and fierce femmes,” Fringe Wives Club have produced yet another must-see show. Glittergrass is a musical parody imbued with hilariously delivered pop ballads, served with their signature slice of provocative vivacity. Giving a feminist makeover to the male ego-fluffing country and folk narrative, the Fringe Wives seek to rewrite “herstory” in this jaunty new comedic cabaret.

Debuting as a quintet, new members Laura Frew and Sharnema Nougar blend seamlessly into the established chemistry of core members Victoria Falconer, Rowena Hutson, and Tessa Waters. Nougar and Frew bring to the table their respective talents of witty delivery and slapstick comedy, bouncing off one another to create a performance of kinetic joy that extends to the audience.

Despite needing further development to smoothly segue between numbers, the laughs and high-calibre performance of all five women makes their latest performance requisite Fringe viewing.

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Original Post at Fest Mag


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